Services and Support for Integration

Partners and customers use Cisco support tools for AppDynamics products purchased from Cisco and existing AppDynamics support processes for products purchased from AppDynamics.

We value your business and are excited that AppDynamics (AppD) products and services are now available to order and renew on the Cisco global price list.


Services & Support for AppDynamics FAQ

Technical Support Reference Guide

For AppD products purchased from Cisco

Create a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Request

  • To open a TAC request, you must first register for a user ID. Your contract number must be associated with a user ID. You can do so by visiting the "Access" tab in your Cisco Account Profile. If you don't know your contract number, please contact your Cisco partner or account representative.
  • Once you have a user ID, you can initiate or check on the status of a support case online, by email, or by contacting the TAC by phone:
  • For additional information on obtaining technical support through the TAC, please consult the Technical Support Reference Guide.

Note: Customers or partners must have their Cisco service contract number, software product family, and a user ID when opening a case.

Manage Access to Cisco Services

The Cisco Service Access Management Tool (SAMT) enables Cisco partners and customers to manage access to the services provided by their contracts, and ensure only authorized users get access.

There are two ways to determine who has access to these services: Bill to ID or Contract Number.

  • To manage access by Bill to ID, the Bill to ID must be in an individual's profile and selected (enabled) for support access. This will ensure that all the Contracts under the Bill to ID can be utilized for service.
  • To manage access by Contract Number, a Contract Number must be in an individual's profile in order for that individual to be able to obtain service.

Learn more about the Cisco Service Access Management Tool

For products purchased from AppDynamics

For Self-Service trial customers and AppDynamics Lite customers

For Enterprise customers (including trial)