Cisco Videoscape Software Solutions on RDK

Use RDK with Cisco Video Software Expertise

Take advantage of the Reference Design Kit (RDK) as part of your complete Cisco client solution. Cisco Videoscape Software Solutions on RDK combine innovative video services with the speedy time to market, flexibility, and standardization of the RDK.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Videoscape Software Solutions on RDK help you realize the potential of RDK. You can accelerate deployment of new services across quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), IP, and hybrid set-top devices. You can also deploy RDK-based products for your business needs while using Cisco Videoscape end-to-end solutions through the cloud, network, and client.

As a global leader in video client software, Cisco is aligned with and committed to RDK. We have several R&D centers of excellence globally that are dedicated to software development on RDK. And we offer complete video client software solutions to service providers worldwide.

Cisco Videoscape Software Solutions on RDK are modular and open. By using our integration and delivery expertise, you can incorporate software from multiple sources, including open-source and commercial offerings.

We offer a number of value-added client software components to enhance your RDK deployment, including:

Put Our Professional Services to Work

Cisco is a worldwide market leader in delivering full, high-quality, customized client solutions for video services. As you introduce RDK into your software base, our Professional Services can help you create an optimal solution to support your:

  • Hardware platforms
  • Software requirements
  • Network environment

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