Cisco Videoscape Open UX Snowflake

Transform the Subscriber User Experience

Strengthen customer loyalty and stand out in the crowded video marketplace by transforming the way that subscribers discover and consume content. With Cisco Videoscape Open UX Snowflake, developed in HTML5, you can:

  • Create a branded, dynamic experience across all subscriber devices
  • Rapidly deploy new features to stay ahead of customer demand

Cisco Videoscape Open UX Snowflake

Cisco takes the award winning Snowflake UX and makes it faster, richer and simpler using HTML. (2:11 min)

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Features and Capabilities

The market for video services is competitive. It has never been more important to stand out from the crowd, and to continually create and improve customer experiences. Cisco Videoscape Open UX Snowflake gives you the tools to do both.

Videoscape Open UX Snowflake provides a dynamic, branded user experience across the TV and other subscriber devices. Your customers get an engaging and consistent way to find and view video content no matter how they choose to watch.

With the capabilities of Snowflake, you can increase average revenue per user and incremental revenue. By offering new paid apps and services, and making it easier for subscribers to find and consume content, you can boost revenue.

It's also easy to differentiate your brand with your unique version of the award-winning Snowflake HTML5 user experience, enriched with your added apps and web content.

In addition, you can:

  • Improve customer loyalty with a more compelling and intuitive experience across multiple devices
  • Cut costs by creating the user experience once and extending it to almost any device, and creating TV apps with standard web tools
  • Lower operating expenses with an easy-to-use subscriber experience, which reduces support calls
  • Accelerate rollout of new features by using standard web tools and cloud-based lifecycle management of the user experience
  • Continually innovate with the ability to integrate web content and third-party apps with the open, web-based platform
  • Control your user experience roadmap, even as you benefit from ongoing Cisco development of new features and capabilities

Specifications at a Glance

Videoscape Open UX Snowflake provides a single branded user experience to serve the entire device ecosystem. This product offers multiple deployment models based on device type, including:

  • Service provider set-top boxes - open client software based on HTML5 standard
  • Mobile and personal devices - HTML5 plus native optimizations
  • Consumer electronic devices such as gaming consoles and connected TVs - HTML5 on browser environment

Snowflake also provides:

  • A highly secure and comprehensive environment to deploy third-party apps
  • An end-to-end solution as part of Cisco Videoscape
  • Rapid, third-party HTML5 application development with a comprehensive client application development kit

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