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Video Network Adapters

Video Network Adaptersview expanded image

Cisco DCM IP Video Gateway

Compressed and Uncompressed Video Delivery

The DCM IP Video Gateway (DCMG) offers a compact one-rack unit SDI Video Gateway platform that meets evolving video delivery needs. It is capable of supporting the full-quality delivery of a large number of both high definition uncompressed video signals and JPEG2000 compressed video signals using cost-effective Ethernet links.

Highly Adaptable

The Cisco DCM IP Video Gateway is adaptable to a wide range of applications. That includes professional broadcast contribution, studio-to-studio media exchange, in-house signal distribution and routing, and live event coverage.

Design Principles

The Cisco DCM IP Video Gateway was designed to meet three important requirements:

  • Ultra compact platform
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Highest video signal quality and availability

Ultra Compact SDI Gateway
The product supports uncompressed transport of up to 12 HD-SDI signals in 1RU. The gateway supports JPEG2000 transport of video simultaneously to transport of uncompressed video.

Flexible and Scalable
You can incrementally and cost-effectively add functionality and scale from transport of only one SD-SDI signal up to 12 HD-SDI signal or 6 3G-HD-SDI signals.

Highest Video Signal Quality and Availability
The JPEG2000 engine has been designed for optimum picture quality and scalability. For ultimate picture quality, the Cisco DCM IP Video Gateway offers transport of uncompressed video.

Whether the transport is uncompressed or JPEG2000 compressed, the Cisco DCM IP Video Gateway supports a unique redundancy mechanism called Hitless Merge. It provides lossless transport with dual live content streams across the IP backbone (for spatial diversity). It re-merges them at the receiver edge by looking at a sequence tag, uniquely identifying the content within the IP transport and dropping duplicates.

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