Cisco Legacy Line Extenders

High-Performance RF Amplifiers

As part of Scientific Atlanta's commitment to supply our customers with the latest technology, and as a result of the announced obsolescence of some critical components, we are discontinuing the SA III and LE III System Amplifiers and Line Extenders effective March 3, 2008 and replacing them with Cisco GainMaker System Amps and Line Extenders.

The Cisco Line Extender III (LEIII) family of RF amplifiers provides optimum performance and reliability for broadband network applications. All LEIII amplifier modules offer 15-ampere (A) current carrying capacity and are preconfigured with diplexers and reverse amplifier for optimum reverse performance.

Each model in the LEIII amplifier module family provides one (bridger level) output.

Features include:

  • 60 and 90 VAC power
  • 15 ampere current capacity (steady state) and 25 ampere surge survivability
  • Integrated reverse amplifier, with optimized diplex filter group delay for forward and reverse paths
  • Reverse input test point and input pad allowing optimum reverse path alignment
  • Improved station frequency response
  • Unitized design (amplifier and power supply in a single module) for simplified and faster maintenance
  • High-efficiency, transformerless power supply for lower operating costs
  • Directional coupler RF test points for optimum accuracy
  • Surge-resistant circuitry for hybrid protection without fuses or other failure-prone devices

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