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Cisco GainStar Nodes

Efficiently Meet Complex HFC Network Needs

Cisco GainStar Nodes help meet the needs of your broadband network while providing superior reliability. Cisco GainStar Nodes are designed for fiber deep hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks.

Gain High Performance and Greater Reach

The optical receiver module, in conjunction with the RF amplifier, provides high-quality video and data service. The RF technology and integrated optoelectronic receiver module increase reliability and reduce nonlinear distortion. These nodes offer several features and benefits, including :

  • Flexibility, with a versatile set of features, functions, and performance levels, and fast, simple configuration and setup
  • Durability, with excellent performance and reliability plus rugged outdoor durability
  • Greater reach with fewer actives, with improved distortion performance and high output levels through GaAS FET technology
  • Inventory reduction, with common plug-in attenuators used to adjust gain and equalization
  • Simplified deployment through high performance levels and ease of use

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