Fiber Management

Protect and manage your fiber investment

A wide range of Scientific Atlanta Fiber Management products and system are available to streamline fiber installation, protect installed fiber and enhance network expansion initiatives. Scientific Atlanta has teamed with Telect to provide multiple optoelectronic management solutions for service providers.

Among these are the:

  • Advanced Distribution Frame: an ultra-high density optical distribution system for unmatched fiber density (up to 1536 terminations using 8 fiber connector adapters per tray).
  • Network Frame Open Bay Relay Rack: delivers versatile cable routing and supports the mounting of a variety of enclosures, options and accessories.
  • DataLINXS Rack Mount: these patch-and-splice enclosures provide secure rack-mount fiber management for up to 72 single mode fiber connector adapters or splices.
  • E-Series Optical Distribution Frame: high-density total front access fiber distribution, configuration flexibility and convenient cable access - all in a compact, ETSI-compliant footprint.
  • Wall-Mount Fiber Splice Vault: provides the critical first component for transitioning outside fiber plant to indoor-rated interfacility fiber cable at the building entry point.
  • WaveTrax Cable Management System: Provides high-capacity, secure fiber optic cable routing between fiber distribution frames and fiber terminal equipment within headends, hubs and other transmission facilities.
  • LANLINXS Wall-Mount Fiber Distribution Enclosures: designed for smaller equipment rooms or telecommunications closets where optical fiber counts are low and space is tight.

The Scientific Atlanta Prisma Fiber Slack Storage Tray provides total internal protection and storage for excess fiber cable in high-density installations. Prisma Fiber Optic Service Cables simplify the installation and maintenance of Prisma optical network products such as nodes and amplifiers. Prisma Fiber Optic Jumpers use small diameter cables to save space and include connectors, cable types and multiple lengths for flexible, versatile installation support.

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