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Cisco Cloud Object Storage


As of October 29, 2018, Cisco’s Service Provider Video Software Solutions (SPVSS) business is now part of Synamedia.  Learn more about the acquisition and Synamedia

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Get Scalable Software-Defined Storage for Video

Gain high throughput, low latency, highly resilient, and redundant storage. Cloud Object Storage is a video-optimized software-based solution that is capable of scaling to petabytes of data across clusters of x86 servers. It supports OpenStack Swift APIs and delivers guaranteed quality of service (QoS) for video and media workflows with HTTP extensions for media resources.

Features and Capabilities

Cloud Object Storage provides distributed, high-performance storage and retrieval of binary large object (blob) data.

Elastic Cloud Scaling

  • Scale Cloud Object Storage nodes to increase cluster storage and bandwidth capacity
  • Store billions of objects for growing unstructured data
  • Scale to unlimited nodes with our scale-out architecture

Quality of Service

  • Guaranteed video data delivery
  • Low jitter
  • Fully deterministic reads

Read while write – Deliver video content prior to completion of write for applications like cloud DVR.

Intelligent Scheduling

  • Deliver best-in-class performance for read/write IO
  • Reduce latency in video applications like video on demand, live to VOD, and cloud DVR

High resiliency for mission-critical applications

  • Resilient against failure within a node and against node failure within a cluster
  • Storage nodes can be added or removed without disrupting Cloud Object Storage service availability
  • Includes a built-in replication engine (mirroring)
  • Rebuild content in real time


  • Background content validation and auto-healing
  • Auto-rebalancing of content with the addition of new nodes in the cluster

Flexible Metadata

  • Ability to add metadata to objects
  • Customizable for business and system functions

Representational State Transfer (RESTful) API extensibility – Multiple APIs are supported, including OpenStack Swift and HTTP.

API Support

  • RESTful API extensibility
  • OpenStack Swift and HTTP

Management Utilities

  • Quickly and easily configure and manage Cloud Object Storage infrastructure
  • Capture real-time monitoring and a trending view of deployed capacity and performance
  • See service diagnostics with detailed views into nodes and cluster health

Specifications at a Glance

  • Scale to hundreds of nodes and billions of objects
  • Supports 216 TB and 324 TB of storage capacity per server for the Cisco UCS 3160 Rack Server
  • Supports 324 TB with 6TB HDD with Super Micro JBOD CDE 465
  • Protects against disk and server failure with programmable local erasure coding (LEC) and distributed erasure coding (DEC)
  • Supports REST APIs, including OpenStack Swift API and other HTTP APIs
  • Simplified management with Cisco Virtualized Video Processing

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