Cisco TDM Gateways

Delivering PSTN, PBX and Analog Device Connectivity

Cisco TDM Gateways offer a variety of different voice network modules to deliver IP connectivity to the PSTN, a PBX, or an analog device. They also provide toll bypass services within an enterprise network. Cisco TDM Gateway modules are deployed on Cisco 2900, 3900 and 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs).

Features and Capabilities

Modular Cisco ISRs support a wide variety of gateway interface cards, and services. These gateway services can also coexist with other Cisco ISR routing, switching, security, or unified communications services, such as Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST). The Cisco TDM Gateway family includes:

  • Analog and digital voice and fax interface cards and modules
  • T1, E1, and G.703 Multiflex trunk voice and WAN interface cards
  • Digital signal processors for voice and video
  • Cisco Unified Communications Gateway Services API

Benefits of using Cisco TDM Gateways include:

  • Broad deployment support: voice, video, and voice and fax over IP, Frame Relay, and ATM
  • Ability to deploy globally and support a wide range of CODECs, protocols, all key interfaces
  • Enhanced user experience, reducing background noise and preventing acoustic shock
  • Proven interoperability with Cisco products, third-party PBXs, and service providers
  • Flexibility, providing multiple services on one platform and using router features for improved interworking


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Policy-Enhanced TDM Gateways

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