Services for Enterprise Switching

A new automated network awaits

Our services help you confidently integrate new switches into your network as you migrate to a digital-ready network foundation that is simple, automated, intelligent, and secure.

Putting technology to work for you

Let our experts help you deploy your new network. We’ll help you migrate the right way with the right support so you get it right the first time. Start experiencing extraordinary business results faster and enhance your technology investments.


50% reduction in deployment time


75% less downtime


43% faster complex issue resolution

See what others say about Catalyst switches

Aviation Industry

"Catalyst switches are best in class hardware and best in class software. Cisco support is best of breed. The features are more rich than other competing products."

-Ryan , Sr. Network Engineer,  Regional Airport Authority, United States

Local government

"The support is exceptional and the cost of training additional headcount is offset."

-Brandon, IT Systems Architect, City and county government, United States

Information technology

"I've been using Cisco Catalyst for several years now and it offers a very solid networking solution. That's exactly why I recommend this product to the people in my job field. I'm very happy with the service provided by Cisco, as well as the education [certifications]. For me, Cisco is the future."

-Yoane, IT Consultant, IT and technology solutions company, Africa

Unlock your network's potential

Getting the most from your network sometimes takes a little help. Bring in the experts from Cisco Services.

Cisco services for switching

With a full lifecycle of services and end-to-end expert guidance, our trusted advisors will help you speed deployment and maximize network performance. Adopt and introduce new switching solutions into your network with ease and confidence.


Build a roadmap for success with strategic advice, expert consulting, design, and validation.


Speed deployment and minimize risk as you integrate Cisco Networking solutions into your network.


Maximize the value of your Cisco DNA solutions with insights, analytics, automation, and expert guidance.


Centralized support helps increase network uptime and reliability by facilitating fast resolution of complex issues.


Build in-house expertise so your IT staff can effectively manage your intent-based network.