Ready to Replace an Old Switch?

If you're looking for a new switch, consider the next-generation Catalyst 3850 Series. It enables converged wired-wireless access to support BYOD and mobility. It also offers a variety of performance, security, and operational enhancements versus previous generations of switches.

Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches

All models include StackWise+ data stacking technology.

Feature Set


Total 10/100 Ethernet Ports


Default AC Power Supply Rating

Default PoE Power

IP Base Layer 3
WS-C3750-24FS-S 24 (100BASE-FX) 2x1G SFP 125W -
WS-C3750V2-24TS-S 24 60W -
WS-C3750V2-48TS-S 48 4x1G SFP 130W -
IP Services Adv. L3 WS-C3750V2-24TS-E 24 2x1G SFP 60W -
WS-C3750V2-48TS-E 48 4x1G SFP 130W -
IP Base Layer 3
WS-C3750V2-24PS-S 24 PoE 2x1G SFP 525W 370W
WS-C3750V2-48PS-S 48 PoE 4x1G SFP
IP Services Adv. L3 WS-C3750V2-24PS-E 24 PoE 2x1G SFP
WS-C3750V2-48PS-E 48 PoE 4x1G SFP
IP Base Layer 3
WS-C3750G-12S-S 12x1G SFP - 100W -
IP Services Adv. L3 WS-C3750G-12S-E 12x1G SFP - 100W -
IP Base Layer 3
WS-C3750G-12S-SD 12x1G SFP - 72W DC -

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