Cisco Talos

Meet Cisco Talos, the industry-leading threat intelligence group fighting the good fight.

What does it mean to be a threat hunter?

Threat hunters are cybersecurity professionals that keep businesses, countries, and the internet safer. This video explores how Talos Threat Hunters defend against damaging threats, like the Maze cartel.

Visibility, intelligence, and response

Cisco Talos is one of the largest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world, comprised of world-class researchers, analysts, and engineers. With our industry-leading visibility, actionable intelligence, and vulnerability research, we drive rapid detection and protection for Cisco customers against known and emerging threats, and stop threats in the wild to protect the internet at large.

To stop more, you have to see more

Rapid analysis for greater threat context

See once, protect everywhere

Act now, before a security breach

To keep your business resilient in the face of attacks, the Cisco Talos Incident Response service uses global threat intelligence research and the largest telemetry and partner network in the industry.

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