Cisco Talos - Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Talos detects and correlates threat data in real time to protect against threats.

Comprehensive Threat Intelligence

Protection from Known and Emerging Threats

Cisco Talos is the industry-leading threat intelligence organization dedicated to providing protection before, during, and after cybersecurity attacks.

Talos Intelligence

Talos detects and correlates threats in real time. It uses the largest threat intelligence network in the world, which spans:

  • Web requests
  • Email traffic
  • Malware samples
  • Open-source data sets
  • Endpoint intelligence
  • Network intrusions

These resources provide Talos with a deep understanding of threats, their root causes, and the scope of outbreaks.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Talos discovers and responds to the latest threats by pooling expertise from several fields:

  • Software development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Vulnerability development
  • Malware research
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Spam and web reputation

This expertise is used to maintain several Cisco security resources and tools, intelligence and support communities, and official rule sets. These include:

  • Snort
  • ClamAV
  • Razorback
  • SenderBase
  • SpamCop
  • Project Aspis

Threat Research and Education

Talos continually leads the industry in threat intelligence breakthroughs. We aim to keep customers and informed and protected. Some of our recent achievements are:

  • Angler takedown: Talos thwarted access to a massive international exploit kit that was generating $60 million annually from ransomware.
  • TeslaCrypt decryption tool: This command-line utility returned users’ files to their original state after being encrypted by TeslaCrypt ransomware.
  • CryptoWall 4 analysis: Talos broke down the CryptoWall 4 ransomware scheme and process to identify better detection methods.

To keep up to date with Talos’s latest threat intelligence research, discoveries, and solutions visit the Talos blog


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