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Secure your environment without installing software or hardware. Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud is a SaaS-based, efficient way to gain visibility and threat detection.

Stealthwatch Cloud offers easy-to-deploy passive network security monitoring. With it you can:

  • Identify indicators of compromise in real time
  • Automate threat detection and alerting
  • Reduce security incident response times
  • Understand network entity behavior
  • Deploy in minutes, not hours or days, in on-premises or Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments

Use it in your public cloud, private network, or both.

Customers consistently rate 96 percent of our alerts as helpful.

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Are you deployed in AWS?

Stealthwatch Cloud detects threats to your Amazon Web Services workloads. Visit the AWS Marketplace and get a free trial.

Are you deployed in Google Cloud?

Detects threats to your Google Cloud workloads with Stealthwatch Cloud. Visit the Google Marketplace to get a free trial.

Are you deployed in Azure Cloud?

Use your NSG2 logs and Stealthwatch Cloud to detect threats to your Azure workloads.