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Security Stories Podcast

Insights and advice by CISOs, for CISOs

Discover the unique, strange, and often hilarious stories behind what it takes to lead cybersecurity efforts in an organization. Security Stories is an interview-based podcast full of insights from those who are carving a path in this weird and wonderful industry.

Latest episode

In Episode 10 we chat with Quentyn Taylor, CISO for Canon Europe. He talks about his multitalented and customer-centric cybersecurity team, how to overcome the "virtual hurdle" of working remotely, why firing the CISO after a cyber attack is rarely the first resort, and how to make the perfect cybersecurity cocktail.

Previous episodes

9: Creating more opportunities for others, with Andy Ellis

In Episode 9 we meet seasoned CISO Andy Ellis, who talks about giving women and minorities more opportunities in cybersecurity. He also tells the fascinating story about how he eliminated use of the password at his organization, and explains why he employs librarians and journalists on his security team.

8: Sandworm, Not Petya and the hunt for the most dangerous hackers

In Episode 8 we are joined by Andy Greenberg, senior investigative journalist for Wired, as well as members of the Cisco Talos threat intelligence team and senior Cisco cyber engineer Noureen Njoroge. Together we look back at the world's most catastrophic cyber attack: Not Petya. We discuss the nuances of the attack, its scale and significance, and the impact that is still felt three years later.

7: The impact of a diverse cybersecurity team with Marene Allison

In Episode 7 we meet Marene Allison, vice president and chief information security officer at Johnson & Johnson. We hear about her life in the military, her career as a special FBI agent, and how she has built a diverse cybersecurity team at Johnson & Johnson.

About the hosts

Hazel Burton

Hazel is our chief interviewer and creates and edits each episode. She also contributes to Cisco's original research and security reports, when she's not on stage being an improv comedian.

Ben Nahorney

Ben is our threat intelligence analyst. Ben has weathered threat outbreaks reaching back to the early 2000s and helped develop and report on breaking research such as the Stuxnet virus.

Noureen Njoroge

Noureen is a passionate cybersecurity specialist, a global keynote speaker, and winner of the Cisco 2019 Cybersecurity Champion award. She also is listed among the Top 30 Most Admired Minority Professionals in Cybersecurity by SeQure World Magazine.