The New NetWORK Security

Explore Cisco's vision for simplifying network, workload, and multicloud security.

How Cisco Firewall Threat Defense 7.0 delivers NetWORK

Translate security intent into action

Cisco delivers unified multicloud security controls to dynamic environments.

Protect today's applications

Real-time workload protection across any cloud, application, and workload type—anywhere.

Gain visibility and control

Comprehensive visibility of your application communications drives automated firewall policy recommendations.

Get unified control

Scalable, multilayered enforcement to secure your networks, clouds, and workloads.

Secure Firewall and Secure Workload: Stronger together

Workload security and firewalls need to communicate to eliminate security gaps. In this 2021 IDC white paper, sponsored by Cisco, learn how the combination can result in rapid detection and more robust protection.   


Dynamic security

Keep up with rapid changes to your network, cloud, and workloads. Confidently and securely move faster.

Comprehensive protection

Protect all workloads in your environment, even hard-to-secure legacy applications and IoT devices.

Rapid threat detection

Balance business need to increase speed and security team's need to reduce risk.


Cisco Secure Firewall

Provides intelligent control points everywhere, with unified policy and threat visibility.

Cisco Secure Workload

Protects workloads across any cloud, application, and workload type—anywhere.

Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native

A developer-friendly application access solution for building highly elastic, cloud-native infrastructure.

Cisco Zero Trust

We offer a comprehensive solution to secure all access across your applications and environment, from any user, device, and location.