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Internet of Everything Case Study: University of San Francisco

Keeping Students Safe and Secure

A city campus uses a video surveillance solution unobtrusively to distinguish residents from visitors.


Controlling access to college residence halls is a notorious challenge. When one student uses an ID card to open a door, a mob of others might follow. That’s a problem: An accurate occupancy record is important for incident investigation and for making sure everyone evacuates during an emergency. The University of San Francisco (USF) wanted to:

  • Improve physical security in residence halls
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase convenience for residents


USF uses its existing Cisco Video Surveillance Manager and software from iOmniscient for facial recognition. Now the desk attendant simply asks for the ID of anyone who is not recognized as a resident.


  • Creates an accurate record of who enters residence halls
  • Increased the value of existing video surveillance solution
  • Improved the experience for residents and front-desk attendants

We already had a video surveillance camera. … We still use it for incident review. And now we also use it for facial recognition.

- Jason Rossi,
Director, One Card and Campus Security Systems at USF