Helping to Enable the Next-Generation Network

Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) transforms network architectures to be more scalable and agile for virtualization and cloud computing.
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Unifying the Data Center

The full-featured, modular, and scalable Cisco NX-OS network operating system -- available on the entire Cisco Data Center switching portfolio -- helps enable the Cisco Unified Fabric. Its modular building-block approach helps you quickly integrate new innovations and evolving industry standards.

Built as the foundation of Cisco Data Center Business Advantage, Cisco NX-OS helps ensure continuous availability and sets the standard for mission-critical environments. Its self-healing, highly modular design makes zero-impact operations a reality and provides you with exceptional operational flexibility and scalability.

Delivering the critical features for next-generation networks, Cisco NX-OS is designed around four pillars: resiliency, virtualization, efficiency, and extensibility.


Cisco NX-OS delivers highly secure, continuous operations, with failure detection, fault isolation, self-healing features, and hitless In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) that helps reduce maintenance outages.


It enhances virtual machine portability and converges multiple services, platforms, and networks to reduce infrastructure sprawl and total cost of ownership (TCO).


Operational tools and clustering technologies reduce complexity and offer consistent features and operations without compromising functionality.


Cisco NX-OS is designed to scale current and future multi-processor hardware platforms and offers easy portability across varying platforms with consistent features. It facilitates the integration of new innovations and evolving standards, delivering long-term feature extensibility.

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