Cisco IOS Packaging

Cisco IOSĀ® Packaging simplifies the image selection process by consolidating the total number of packages and using consistent package names across all hardware products. It is currently available in Cisco IOS Software Major Release 12.3 for the Cisco 1700, 2691, 2600XM, and 3700 Series Routers. Cisco IOS Packaging will soon be available in Releases 12.2S and 12.3T on all hardware products that support Cisco IOS Software.

Cisco IOS Packaging reduces the number of packages from forty-four to eight, enabling Cisco to drastically improve customer experience. This new, streamlined packaging model reduces confusion and simplifies the deployment of critical functionality. Through reorganization, the new packages also provide similar functionality and logical feature parity across platforms, while still meeting the unique requirements of each platform. This simplifies the customer's decision process for determining the most logical package.

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