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Cisco 1800/2800/3800 Series 9-Port EtherSwitch High-Speed WIC

The Cisco 4-port and 9-port 10/100 EtherSwitch High-Speed WAN Interface Cards (HWICs) supported on the Cisco 1800 (modular), Cisco 2800, and Cisco 3800 Integrated Services Routers offer small-to-large-sized businesses and enterprise branch office customers the option to integrate switching and routing in one device. This combination offers ease of configuration, deployment and management while utilizing the powerful characteristics of Cisco routing and Catalyst switching features. The Cisco 4-port and 9-port 10/100 EtherSwitch HWIC supports Power Over Ethernet (POE), which is offered as an upgradable option on Cisco 2800 & 3800 Intergrated Services Routers

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