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Cisco ASR 9000 Series IOS XR 64 Bit Data Sheet

Data Sheet

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Updated:April 29, 2022

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Updated:April 29, 2022


The Cisco IOS® XR 64-Bit on ASR 9000 Series operating system is an addition to the current generation of Cisco IOS XR operating systems, delivering the same comprehensive features and system resilience with additional benefits.

Product overview

The Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers have been delivering exceptional scalability, carrier-class reliability, environmentally conscious design, incredible flexibility, and an attractive price-to-performance benchmark to service providers and enterprise customers in edge and core routing.

The Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit on ASR 9000 Series operating system is an addition to the current generation of Cisco IOS XR operating systems, delivering the same comprehensive features and system resilience.

In Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit on ASR 9000, we are evolving the networking operating system specifically to help customers move and innovate faster. While retaining its breadth of protocol spectrum and feature set, Cisco IOS XR Software has now evolved to meet next-generation operational requirements.

As customer organizations have grown over the past decade, they’ve sought a flexible operating system that can keep up. The new innovations in Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit on ASR 9000 enable incremental builds, agile workflow, and modular delivery of software, while also offering the capability to host third-party applications on Cisco routers.

Features and benefits



Fully automated initial installation

  Bootable ISO: To simplify installation, Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit on ASR 9000 images are in the form of a bootable ISO that’s installed on the system. The software also supports iPXE, which allows the administrator to boot from TFTP, HTTP, or FTP.
  Auto provisioning: Auto provisioning starts at the end of the software’s boot process in a fresh system installation and serves two functions: static configuration application and script execution. It allows administrators to customize settings easily and automatically, without wasting time on manual configuration.

Visibility for smarter control, simpler monitoring, and faster troubleshooting

  Streaming telemetry: Users can take advantage of streaming telemetry to direct data to a configured receiver. Data can be pushed out at intervals determined by the administrator, at a cadence as low as 10 seconds. Using sophisticated algorithms, a back-end server can then analyze data received from Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit on ASR 9000. The data can be encoded in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) or Google Protocol Buffers (GPB). This analysis enables back-end management systems to measure and even predict control-plane and data-plane trends.
  Model-driven interfaces: Prior to Release 6.0, administrators relied on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and syslog—techniques that are neither scalable nor easily automated. With this latest release of Cisco IOS XR Software, administrators can more easily work together using the internal system database (SysDB) represented by YANG models. SysDB is not a database in a strict sense, but rather a treelike file system that can provide a common mechanism for management clients to modify or access system information. SysDB stores a variety of types of data, including integers of different sizes, character strings, and externally managed data items.

Flexible design for agile maintenance and updates

  Application hosting: The Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit on ASR 9000 architecture supports third-party off-the-shelf applications built with Linux tool chains. Users can run custom applications built with the software development kit that Cisco provides. Application hosting gives administrators a platform for experimenting with their own tools and utilities.
  Flexible packaging and provisioning: The Release 6.1.1 architecture facilitates modular software delivery of individual components, which increases operational agility and efficiency. Modular delivery of software also eases difficulties during routine upgrades and maintenance fixes, promoting flexible, asynchronous upgrades.

Open architecture

  Linux-based OS: Release 6.1.1 opens up the architecture of Cisco IOS XR Software using a 64-bit Linux-based operating system. (It uses the Wind River 7 distribution, which is compatible with Yocto 1.5 and approved by the Yocto project.) In contrast to the traditional 32-bit QNX OS, Release 6.1.1 can easily integrate applications, configuration-management tools, and auto provisioning. These attributes make it highly automatable and transparent to monitoring and management tools.

In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)

  Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit on ASR 9000 will have a new foundation for ISSU. The virtualized environment running instances of Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit will enable the platform to orchestrate the software upgrade process to minimize the disruption of services in the network without powering down the system to upgrade the operating system.

Platform support/compatibility

Product Family

Platforms Supported

Software Release

ASR 9900 Series

ASR 9922

ASR 9912


ASR 9910


ASR 9906


ASR 9904


ASR 9903


ASR 9902


ASR 9901


ASR 9000 Series

ASR 9006

ASR 9010


System requirements

For software release to support each of the product IDs below, please refer to the Software Release Notes of each software release from 6.1.1 onward.

Product Family


Product IDs

ASR 9006

ASR 9010

ASR 9904

Route switch processor







ASR 9912

ASR 9922

Route processor





Fabric card



ASR 9910


Route processor







Fabric card

A99-SFC3-S (ASR 9910)

A99-SFC-S (ASR 9910)

A99-SFC3-T (ASR 9906)

A99-SFC-T (ASR 9906)

Line cards

5th Generation Line cards


A99-10X400GE-X (-SE, -TR)


A99-32X100GE-X (-SE, -TR)

A9K-20HG-FLEX (-FC, -SE, -TR)

A9K-8HG-FLEX (-FC, -SE, -TR)

A99-4HG-FLEX (-FC, -SE, -TR)

A9K-4HG-FLEX (-FC, -SE, -TR)


4th Generation Line Cards

A99-32X100GE (-FC, -TR, -CM)

A9K-16X100GE (-FC, -TR, -CM)

A99-16X100GE-X (-FC, -SE)

3rd Generation Line cards

A99-12X100GE (-FC, -CM)


A99-8X100GE (-FC, -SE, -TR, -CM)

A9K-8X100GE (-FC, -SE, -TR, -CM)

A9K-8X100G-LB (-SE, -TR)

A9K-4X100GE (-FC, -SE, -TR)



A99-48X10GE-1G (-FC, -SE, -TR)

A9K-48X10GE-1G (-FC, -SE, -TR, -CM)

A9K-24X10GE-1G (-FC, -SE, -TR, -CM)

A9K-MOD400 (-FC, -SE, -TR, -CM)

A9K-MOD200 (-FC, -SE, -TR)


Ordering information

Part Number

Product Description


Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit IP/MPLS Core Software


Cisco IOS XR 64 Bit IP/MPLS Core Software 3DES

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Platform support/compatibility

April 26, 2022

Updated product part numbers of supported line cards

System requirements

April 26, 2022

Updated IOS SW Part numbers

Ordering information

April 26, 2022




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