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Cisco 8000 Series Router At-a-Glance


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Updated:December 11, 2019

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Updated:December 11, 2019


Redefine routing with petabit scale, trust, and cloud-enhanced technology

Cisco 8000 Series routers combine the Cisco revolutionary Silicon One application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), IOS XR7 software, and a new platform design approach to deliver a breakthrough in high-performance routers. The 8000 Series are highly scalable, deep-buffered, 400G-optimized routers that range from 10.8 Tbps in a 1 RU footprint to an industry-leading, rack-mountable modular system that is capable of 260 Tbps of full duplex, line rate forwarding. Our innovations across silicon, optics, software, and systems facilitate high performance, high bandwidth, and low-power consumption without sacrificing any of the features service providers require.

The Cisco 8000 Series router is designed to benefit from the real-time analytics and operational insights delivered through Cisco Crosswork Cloud. With this cloud-enhanced network automation, the 8000 Series routers can reduce your operating costs.

Cisco 8000 Series routers enhance the security posture of your network by helping you measure, audit, verify, and enforce the trustworthiness of your network infrastructure. With a hardware-anchored root of trust, IOS XR7 security features, and remote security attestation, you can establish device integrity from boot time to run time. These features can help prevent the execution of unvalidated or malicious software across your network.


      Lower your network costs with breakthrough density and unprecedented scale and efficiency, so you can consolidate routers and reduce the total number of ports and optics.

      Deploy terabits per second of routing capacity with service provider-class functionality and high-availability, while dramatically reducing per-bandwidth power consumption.

      Simplify your network operations with real-time analytics and insights delivered from Cisco® Crosswork Cloud.

      Measure, audit, verify, and enforce the trustworthiness of your critical infrastructure and enhance network security.

New network architectures that change the economics of the internet

Address even the most congested parts of your core network with the Cisco 8000 Series router fixed and modular chassis. The fixed platforms enable you to deploy a full-featured router in locations that traditionally required special accommodations for space, power, and cooling. The modular platforms enable you to scale your network with fewer routers and ports required in a given location.

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      With scalable capacity and software-defined networking, you can converge custom network infrastructures and reduce the costs of building and operating mass-scale networks. With the Cisco 8000 Series router, you can transform your network into a multiservice infrastructure where each service gets its own dedicated networking slice with its own service-level agreements.

      Modernize your network automation with closed-loop, intent-based analytics. The analytics are delivered as a cloud-service that provides insights without the traditional risk and cost associated with premises-based analytics. With Cisco Crosswork Cloud you can accelerate new software deployment with automated and cloud-based test environments and gain improved visibility and control of network configurations and events by visualizing, reporting, and protecting the integrity of your network.

      Traditional approaches to network scaling, and resiliency require complex capacity planning and operations. By building network fabric architectures with the Cisco 8000 Series routers, you can benefit from scalability, topological regularity, and operational simplicity.

Establish a new foundation for your network today

Imagine the possibilities if:

      Your network could scale anywhere with high performance

      The power of the cloud could improve your network operations and increase agility

      You could secure and protect your network by measuring, verifying, and enforcing the integrity of your network in real time

The Cisco 8000 Series portfolio

New approaches to platform design

Taking advantage of more than 25 years of high-performance system design, the Cisco 8000 Series delivers industry-leading capacity without compromising performance or requiring oversubscription. The 8000 series has new power supplies, a redesigned cooling architecture, and connectors that anticipate future capacity expansion.

Cisco 8200 Series

The Cisco 8200 Series uses a single Cisco Silicon One ASIC in its Router-on-Chip (RoC) model from Cisco, which delivers full routing functionality. The 8200 Series 1 RU and 2 RU routers provide 10.8 Tbps of network bandwidth with dramatically lower power than contemporary 10 Tbps systems. As a full-featured carrier class router, the 8200 Series provides tens of milliseconds of buffering, large forwarding tables, and flexible packet operations. It offers enhanced programmability that is suitable for deployments in power- and space-constrained facilities such as colocation, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Internet exchange points, or older central office sites.

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Cisco 8800 Series

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The Cisco 8800 Series delivers density and efficiency with the extensive scale, buffering, and feature capabilities common to all the Cisco 8000 Series of routers. It includes three chassis to meet a broad set of network and facility requirements:

Cisco 8808: 115.2 Tbps. 8 slots. 16 RU

Cisco 8812: 172.8 Tbps. 12 slots. 21 RU

Cisco 8818: 259.2 Tbps. 18 slots. 33 RU

Cisco 8800 Series line cards

The Cisco 8800 Series supports two line cards

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      The 36-port QSFP56-DD 400 GbE line card provides 14.4 Tbps through 36 QSFP56-DD ports. It provides up to 144 ports of 100 GbE using breakout and supports QSFP+, QSFP28, and QSFP28-DD modules.

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      The 48-port QSFP28 100 GbE line card provides 4.8 Tbps with MACsec support on all ports. It also supports QSFP+ optics for 10G and 40G compatibility.

Cisco 8800 Series switch fabric

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The Cisco 8800 Series switch fabric is powered by 8 fabric cards that provide 7+1 line rate redundancy. In addition, the fabric supports a separate operational model with 4+1 fabric card redundancy to provide an entry-level option for systems with only the 48-port 100 GbE line card.


Attacks on networking equipment can have disastrous results, and network operators need assurance that their equipment is secure and running authorized Cisco software.

Cisco secures the supply chain of every system at manufacturing time, so you can be confident that the hardware you receive from Cisco has no counterfeit components. In addition, every software image you download from Cisco is cryptographically signed using private keys. Advanced signing technology establishes software integrity, enforcement, and measurement.

Cisco IOS XR7

Cisco IOS XR7 provides a simple, modern, and trustworthy network operating system across your core, edge, aggregation, and access networks. Improvements to the XR7 internal architecture have reduced the memory footprint by 50 percent, so XR7 can be installed with full security features on even constrained hardware designs without affecting boot times. Open, model-driven APIs at all layers of the software stack offer openness for programmability and customization to Cisco IOS XR7.

XR7 is an advanced network operating system that improves the security posture of the router. The Cisco Secure Boot subsystem verifies that the device boot image is genuine and untampered. Multiple run-time defenses within XR7 also guard against malicious actors and make exploitation of bugs more difficult.

Cloud enhanced

The Cisco 8000 Series routers are designed to benefit from the enhanced real-time analytics and operational insights delivered from Cisco Crosswork Cloud. These services include:

      Trust Insights: High-fidelity measurement, auditing, verification, and enforcement of network hardware and software trustworthiness.

      Network Insights: Visibility and intelligence to assess network routing health.

      Crosswork Qualification Environment: Automated and cloud-based environment to accelerate new software deployment.

Flexible consumption model

The Cisco Flexible Consumption Model uses the Cisco carrier-class IOS XR software and gives you the ability to:

      Reduce upfront capital: Achieve significant initial cost savings when you deploy new hardware equipment and the ability to add capacity as needed based on demand.

      Simplify operations: Benefit from simplified license management and the carrier-class IOS XR software feature set.

      Utilize capital efficiently: Share licenses network-wide with license pooling.

      Protect investment: With investment protection on your current software purchases, you can scale to next-generation hardware to meet capacity growth over time.

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