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Cisco Webex Experience Management (formerly CloudCherry) Take Customer Experience to New Heights Data Sheet

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Updated:January 24, 2020

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Updated:January 24, 2020


Make the world a more delightful place for your customers

Taking your customer experience to the next level requires a whole new outlook on how you manage Customer Experience (CX). At Cisco, we believe that modern organizations should use the three pillars of customer experience to provide best-in-class experiences:

 Pillar 1

Listen: Measuring the customer journey

The experiences a brand provides are not discrete, individual touch points but rather a continuous collection of moments across a journey. This is the first defining perspective change necessary to implement an effective customer experience management program.


Title: Pillar 1


 Pillar 2

Analyze: Gaining a 360-degree view of the customer

Companies already have an enormous amount of data about their customers. The true power of this data is unleashed when silos are broken down and this data can come together to create meaningful human stories.


Title: Pillar 2


 Pillar 3

Predict: Becoming predictive and anticipating needs

Companies should leverage the power of predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make the CX investments that maximize ROI. Using predictive AI means that companies can understand what will move the needle towards great experiences before investing, not after.


Title: Pillar 3



Both setting realistic expectations and delivering on them is the cornerstone of creating the ultimate customer experience. By bringing the three pillars together, businesses can build a Customer Experience Management (CEM) program that delivers results.

Title: G2 Crowd

How Webex Experience Management works

Filled with powerful features to help you understand your customer better, Webex Experience Management brings insights into the hands of the practitioners in an easy-to-use platform.

“CloudCherry (now a part of Cisco)… is a relatively new entrant in the VoC market. The company aims to disrupt existing leaders through its combination of a journey-oriented solution with predictive analytics and out-of-the-box integration to several Customer Engagement Center (CEC)/CRM platforms.”

David McVeigh / EVP, Gartner

Customer Journey Mapping

Title: Customer Journey Mapping

Our team of customer success managers help design your customer journey map, and then build it directly into Webex Experience Management, including diving deep into micro-journeys. Rather than receiving a report that sits in a drawer and never influences the CX strategy, our in-product journey map allows teams to measure the CX along the entire journey.

Predictive Analytics

Title: Predictive Analytics

Imagine how easy it would be to get budget approvals from your manager or your executives if you knew exactly what the outcomes would be. This is exactly what you can do with Webex Experience Management Predictive Analytics. Understand how potential changes to your customer experience will affect business outcomes and impact financial metrics—before you even commit to them.

Path Analytics

Title: Path Analytics

The drivers of CX are like a ball of yarn—complicated and interwoven. Path Analysis untangles it for you, so you can see exactly what string to pull to get the results you want. Visually dive deeper into the attributes that directly impact CX and financial metrics, including the indirect attributes that impact results. This is where you really find out what levers you need to pull to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Theme Analysis

Title: Theme Analysis

The days of reading every comment and review are in the past. Webex Experience Management has three levels of text analytics: Word Cloud, Sentiment Analysis, and Theme Analysis. Our advanced text analytics, uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to diagnose both theme and sentiment of a customer’s unstructured data for high levels of accuracy.


Title: Ticketing

Closing the loop with your customers is a critical feature to any modern CEM platform. Webex Experience Management delivers real-time alerts to the right people, when they need them. Use the workflow builder to notify frontline employees when action is needed and keep stakeholders at all levels in the loop.

Learn more about Webex Experience Management at: https://www.cisco.com/go/cc.

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