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Bob Mills Furniture

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Updated:August 24, 2020

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Updated:August 24, 2020



Bob Mills Furniture is a regional furniture store in the southwestern area of the United States. Known for a comfortable, low-stress buying experience in store. With such a big focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, the company needed a platform that could measure the experience over a variety of channels and help it close the loop between customers, front-line employees, and the executive team. By working with CloudCherry (now a part of Cisco), Bob Mills Furniture was able to increase its Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 50 to the mid 60s in just six months. Chris Dyson, business development director at Bob Mills Furniture, shared how the company uses Cisco Webex Experience Management (formerly CloudCherry) in its customer experience management program, as well as some of the benefits the furniture retailer has experienced.

Taking Bob Mills Furniture’s CX to new heights




Bob Mills Furniture uses Cisco Webex Experience Management (formerly CloudCherry) at each of its nine locations. Each customer receives an NPS survey over SMS as well as an email message after their delivery date to request feedback about their experience. This feedback is compiled, sent out to every Bob Mills Furniture employee on Mondays and discussed at the weekly executive meeting  on Thursdays.

In Order to get set up quickly, the Cisco team transitioned Bob Mills existing questionnaire setup over to the new platform. After everything was working smoothly, the questionnaire was revampled to achieve more actionable insights. For example, Bob Mills updated the order of the questions to make it more clear to the customer what specific part of the experience they wanted feedback on.

One of the actions Bob Mills’ team emphasizes in the customer experience is the importance of follow-up. Every customer is asked if they received a follow-up call from their salesperson. Because every salesperson knows this question will be asked, these questionnaires drive the right behavior, resulting in a 100 percent follow-up rate.

Why CloudCherry  (now part of Cisco)

When Bob Mills Furniture decided to move off its existing customer experience platform, they evaluated 5 to 10 different customer experience (CX) solutions. CloudCherry stood out due to omnichannel surveys, a closed-loop solution, and exceptional value in an easy-to-use interface. Chris Dyson, Bob Mills Business Development Manager  was also impressed by the Delight Meter and in-product benchmarking which allows for the retailer’s team to see where they stand at a glance (“well above average,” Dyson said). One of the reasons for Bob Mills’ initial review for a new tool was the ability to expand its CX survey capabilities over text (SMS). Dyson explained that “CloudCherry offered SMS capabilities out of the box, which was really important to us. Other systems required additional costs and a complex implementation to set it up.” With a reduced implementation time and costs, and increased features and support, CloudCherry (now part of Cisco) was a natural choice for Bob Mills Furniture’s customer experience team.

“CloudCherry offered SMS capabilities out of the box which was really important to us”

Closing the loop

Bob Mills Furniture makes changes to its customer experience every week, based on the results it receives through the solution’s surveys. Closing the loop on every single customer comment means that no two customers have to experience the same issue. This works on a few levels. “First,” says Dyson, “the instant notifications when there’s a detractor helps us get in front of the issue and helps us get back to the customer really quickly.” With the solution’s real-time alerts, store managers receive a notification every time a customer leaves a negative survey. The store manager can quickly follow up and make sure any issue is resolved for the individual customer. Customers that respond positively are sent to Google with a request to leave a public review. This process has resulted in gathering over 3000 ratings on Google, with an average score of 4.4 out of 5. The executive team walks through every negative survey that’s received during their weekly meeting. With every issue they ask: “What can we do better to prevent other customers from running into the same experience?” For example, after seeing some customers report that their deliveries were missing the occasional screw or part, they started stocking delivery trucks with spare parts to make sure customers were able to get set up the same day, with no hassle. This growth attitude is what keeps Bob Mills Furniture at the top of its industry, and trusted by customers. In fact, one of its core values is to Never be satisfied. And you can see how this value impacts the company’s views on customer experience management.

“There is a strong focus on core values, including the most important: that everyone is family. Training and patience are emphasized and exercised by management when you are hired. By no means do I want to make it sound like working at Bob Mills Furniture is some easy walk in the park. There are high expectations for performance and most importantnly, how accomplishments positively affect the customer experience”

CX success in action

In the past year, Bob Mills Furniture has raised its customer experience result from great to legendary. Each quarter the company sets a company-wide goal to focus improvement efforts on a specific strategy. In February 2018, Bob Mills wanted to raise its NPS and created a Disney-themed goal. Each store that raised its NPS 10 percent, from 50 to 55, was entered into a drawing to win a trip to Disneyland. Everyone got involved to think of ways to raise their own store’s NPS—even staff on the ground floor. By driving employee buy-in at every level, the Bob Mills CX team was able to exceed their goal and sent two very happy employees on a well-deserved vacation. Using Webex Experience Management (formerly CloudCherry) has helped to identify bigger areas of opportunity. For example, even though everyone knew that deliveries tended to be the sticking point of the customer experience, seeing those opportunities outlined in the company recommended goals really drove home the point to the executive team. After continuing to focus on ways to improve the delivery experience, Bob Mills Furniture now has a rolling NPS in the high 60s. Dyson says Bob Mills Furniture has seen the positive aspects of customer experience come through too. “From our CX surveys, we know

that the in-store environment is a key driver for many of our customers, and have made business decisions to keep that environment the same.” The furniture industry is known for being high pressure, but Bob Mills knows this isn’t a long term winning strategy for the company. “We’ve always tried to change that mentality,” says Dyson. “We have no shopper stalkers, and that’s a big part of our advertising strategy and in-store experience.”


Dyson agrees. “We’ve received excellent, prompt customer service from everyone. With other software companies, you have a point person, but that person is just directing you. But at CloudCherry (now a part of Cisco), all the employees are willing to help.” He continues that this was especially true when it came to setup. “It was very responsive on CloudCherry’s part to get us up and going in a short amount of time. They were all very helpful.” If you’re looking for an advanced customer experience platform backed by helpful team of experts, with a simple-to-use interface, request a demo with Cisco today.

The Cisco solution allows Bob Mills to expand it’s survey capabilities across up to 17 channels, without any additional cost.

What’s next?

As part of the implementation process, Bob Mills has also gone through a customer journey mapping exercise with the customer success team at CloudCherry (now part of Cisco), to better understand the customer experience over the entirety of the customer lifecycle. Bob Mills is currently working on bringing this insight into their Webex Experience Management platform in order to add context to its CX surveys and identify more opportunities for customer feedback. Dyson explains that their team is still working to push the customer experience management even further. “Our next phrase will be adding surveys at different points (we now send our surveys out after two weeks). We want to add surveys to our website, right at purchase, and also when customers don’t purchase.”

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