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Balance Cloud Application Performance and Costs with Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

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Updated:October 28, 2020

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Updated:October 28, 2020



      Single tool with full-stack visibility and proactive IT resource optimization across all your clouds for simplified operations

      AI-powered analytics deliver intelligent insights and recommendations, reducing risk and ensuring application performance

      Visibility into your cloud spend and continuous optimization reduce risk and cost

      Dynamic scaling and deletion of cloud resources enable you to pay only for what you need

      “What-if” scenario planning capabilities accelerate and de-risk cloud migrations

Ensure application performance and lower costs on premises and in any cloud

Organizations are facing enormous pressure to modernize and transform their IT operations for a digital world, and cloud is key to this transformation. Cloud computing, containers, and microservices make application resourcing decisions more complex. These decisions are further complicated by the need to continuously balance application performance and cost while maintaining compliance, a task that is beyond human scale to manage.

Managing workload placement and resources across your ever-changing IT environment is a complex, time-consuming task with big implications for user experience and costs. Keeping track of workloads and associated costs in multicloud environments when there are separate tools for different cloud environments along with a vast array of configuration and discounting options, makes it nearly impossible to ensure performance while controlling costs. You need solutions that deliver real-time visibility, insights, and automatable actions to ensure the performance of your critical workloads wherever they run. And in the current world environment, with all the uncertainty, the ability to optimize IT resources and do more with less is critical to reducing operating costs and preserving capital.

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer gives you the full-stack visibility, intelligent analytics, and preventative actions needed to optimize cloud resources and ensure application performance while balancing cost. This real-time decision engine drives continuous health in your hybrid cloud environment, and minimizes cost by matching workloads in the cloud to the right templates based on real-time resource consumption.

Ensure performance and control costs for AWS and Azure cloud environments:

      Continuously optimize cloud compute, storage, and database resources based on application demand

      Eliminate idle and forgotten assets with real-time insight into your cloud environment

      Make scaling and placement recommendations based on the resource needs of the workload to ensure performance while minimizing costs

      Matches your Reserved Instances (RIs) to the right instance type/SKU and guides you to purchase the right RIs

      Continuously monitors cloud provider catalogs and recognizes new additions or changes via APIs

      Integrates and manages performance of all upstream versions of Kubernetes including OpenShift, Amazon EKS, Azure AKS, and Google GKE

Optimize workloads on any infrastructure, any environment, and any cloud

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer provides full-stack visibility and automatically analyzes and provides insights for IT resources in the cloud. It leverages telemetry data from a broad third-party ecosystem, across a range of hypervisors, compute, and container platforms, public clouds and more, to deliver intelligent recommendations for where to place workloads and how to size and scale resources.

Full-stack visibility with broad third-party ecosystem

Figure 1.            

Full-stack visibility with broad third-party ecosystem

Intersight Workload Optimizer provides:

      AI-assisted analytics to drive the right resource decisions in real time, simplifying and automating IT resource management so your team can focus on innovation

      One platform for optimizing all your cloud environments, giving you full-stack visibility in a single pane of glass for optimizing resource consumption across your on-premises and cloud environments

      Single source of truth that unifies infrastructure and application teams with a common vocabulary, common tooling, and shared datasets that correlate application performance to the underlying infrastructure

      Scenario planning capabilities take the guesswork out of planning for the future and reduce costs with the ability to accurately forecast capacity needs and avoid over provisioning

Power new possibilities with intelligent resource optimization for hybrid IT

No matter where you deploy your workloads, Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer gives you full-stack visibility and control for all your clouds, helping you to ensure the performance of your critical applications while reducing costs. Learn more

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