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Cisco Prime Assurance Manager is upgraded and replaced by Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Visit the site for product details and documentation.

Enhance Network-Based Application Monitoring and Troubleshooting

With Cisco Prime Assurance Manager 1.1, network managers can:

  • Get comprehensive network-based visibility into application performance and end-user experience
  • Quickly Adopt and utilize embedded instrumentation
  • Resolve problems faster by examining the health of the underlying infrastructure
  • Manage multiple Network Analysis Modules (NAMs)
  • Identify WAN optimization opportunities and monitor optimized services.

Gain End-to-End Performance Visibility

Proactive network-based monitoring of:

  • Business-critical applications
  • End-user experiences
  • Performance of Cisco Wide Area Application Services deployments

Increase Benefits of Embedded Instrumentation

Prime Assurance Manager can collect performance data from a wide variety of sources, ranging from Cisco integrated solutions to solutions embedded in Cisco operating systems. This product also simplifies the process of dealing with hundreds of data sources of various types.

Uses innovative embedded technologies on branch routing platforms, such as:

  • Flexible NetFlow
  • Cisco Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR)
  • Medianet Media monitoring - IOS Performance Monitor
  • Cisco Performance Agent

Centralized Multi-NAM Management

Managing and integrating with multiple Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) Products provides comprehensive, packet-level visibility and advanced troubleshooting for more granular data analysis. Using multiple NAMs in the enterprise network at various points in the network (PINs), Cisco Prime Assurance Manager can do central:

  • Discovery
  • Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting

Solve Service Degradation Issues Faster

This product offers meaningful and actionable information within minutes of deployment. It also presents application health in the context of the health of infrastructure components and services. This feature helps quickly isolate problems to the correct segment (server, network, or client).

Integration with other Cisco Prime products

Cisco Prime Assurance Manager is an integrated offering with lifecycle management of applications, services, and the network. By integrating with Cisco Prime Network Control System, it is able to provide Network Application visibility and troubleshooting in context of the underlying infrastructure.

Feature and Capabilities

Cisco Prime Assurance Manager offers many important features, including:

  • Cisco Prime Device 360 to present device health, device inventory, and related applicative information
  • Network Application experience monitoring using dedicated dashboards and views for high-level and granular analytical data presented from various perspectives such as an endpoint, a site, a device or an interface.
  • Configuration and management of data sourcesusing predefined command-line interface (CLI) templates
  • High-level customizable dashboards with contextual navigation into interactive analysis views
  • Out of box summary reports, prepackaged reports for sites, applications, devices, and end-user experiences
  • Flexible NetFlow Version 9 support and advanced troubleshooting
  • Consolidated alarms and events browser
  • Open interfaces
  • Configuration and Monitoring templates
  • Dedicated dashboard for voice, video monitoring and analysis
  • Data de-duplication

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