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Cisco Nexus Data Broker

Simple, scalable, and cost-effective network packet broker

Nexus Data Broker offers a simple, scalable, and cost-effective monitoring solution for  high-volume and business-critical traffic. It provides security, compliance, application-performance measurement, and real-time traffic visibility with an event-based approach. This software-defined packet broker approach is available for Cisco Nexus 3000 and 9000 series data center switches.

Why choose Cisco Nexus Data Broker?

Extensive Visibility

Gain extensive visibility for high-density data center switches with speeds up to 100/400G and analytics for increasing traffic volumes and highly complex multipath networks.

Grow at scale with speed

Scale out network monitoring independent of the number of ports, switches, or taps.

Highly cost-effective

Reduce network monitoring expenses with simple, cost-effective standard Cisco Nexus switches.

Cisco Nexus Data Broker components

Cisco Nexus data center switches

  • Proven high performance and density up to 400G, as well as low latency
  • High programmability and exceptional power efficiency in a range of form factors

Cisco Nexus Data Broker controller

  • Simple and intuitive web-based UI to manage aggregating, filtering, forwarding, and replicating rule
  • REST APIs to automate and adapt the rules dynamically
  • Runs in a centralized VM or in the guest shell on Nexus NDB switch

Features and capabilities

Flexible deployment

  • Centralized controller for large-scale deployments
  • On-switch embedded controller
  • Granular control in a multiuser environment
  • Operate with web-based NDB UI or automate with NDB REST APIs

TAP/SPAN aggregation

  • Flexible aggregation and replication
  • Versatile filters: L2/L3/L4 header filters, MPLS filter, and User Defined Filter (UDF)
  • VLAN strip, MPLS strip, 802.1Q tagging, PTP timestamp insertion, and packet truncation
  • SPAN automation for Cisco ACI and NX-OS mode
  • Visibility into virtual TAP traffic (VM-to-VM traffic) or ACI EPG ERSPAN traffic

Inline monitoring

  • Detection of service node failures and automatic remediation
  • Real-time traffic replication and monitoring Scalable service nodes for multiple production paths
  • Real-time traffic replication and monitoring Scalable service nodes for multiple production paths

Latest innovations

  • Generate Netflow records at line rate for ingress traffic
  • Send traffic to remote tool over an L3 network
  • Automated upgrade and replacement of hardware
  • Update device credentials in bulk using credential profile

Scalable application traffic monitoring

The greatest benefit for us was that we no longer had to think where are we going to cable those taps and everything. This was because the number of ports was no longer a limitation, and the number of switches was no longer a limitation. We could scale out with everything.

Thomas Muehlemann, Network Monitoring and Assurance, Swisscom

Upgrade data centers while reducing costs

The key benefits of Cisco Nexus Data Broker are both technical and financial. I can achieve the packet monitoring and analysis needs at a pretty inexpensive cost-per-port as opposed to needing to budget for expensive enterprise purpose-built matrix devices.

Nick Wade, Network Engineer, Salt River Project



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