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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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Centralize Quality of Service Management

CiscoWorks Quality of Service Policy Manager (QPM) supports centralized management of network quality of service (QoS). It provides comprehensive QoS provisioning and monitoring capabilities so you can manage, tune, and optimize the performance characteristics of your Cisco network.

CiscoWorks QPM uses Cisco intelligent network services such as Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) and other QoS features to identify and monitor networked applications and control their behavior throughout the network. This enables you to take advantage of your network infrastructure to meet growing application demands and complex service requirements.

Provisioning Capabilities

  • Reduce cost and time required for efficient design and deployment of QoS
  • Delivers more predictable application behavior
  • Customizable portal dashboard for at-a-glance summary of QoS policy deployment status, performance threshold violations, and network change events

Monitoring Capabilities

  • Automatically discover applications running across the network
  • Perform real-time and historical monitoring of application traffic
  • Monitor compliance of applications with QoS
  • Alert user of QoS violations, such as user-defined threshold excesses

Device Support

CiscoWorks QPM provides a comprehensive device and operating system support package, including up-to-date support of the QoS features available on a majority of Cisco routers and Cisco Catalyst switches running Cisco IOS.

  • Class-based QoS MIB for monitoring modular QoS policies
  • NBAR protocol discovery MIB for application-level discovery and traffic statistics monitoring
  • Cisco port QoS MIB for per port QoS monitoring
  • Committed access rate (CAR) MIB for non-modular QoS policies

For a complete list of supported devices, please visit the CiscoWorks QPM product page. CiscoWorks QPM is periodically updated to support new devices as they become available or to meet market demands.

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