Talent Bridge

What is Talent Bridge?

The Talent Bridge program addresses the tech skills gap with a holistic approach by connecting Cisco and partner employers to qualified candidates. We support employers throughout their employee lifecycle and prepare talent to join the workforce. Our Talent Bridge Matching Engine automates the connection between employers and job seekers at no cost.

How we help


We provide best practices to Cisco partners that help attract, source, recruit, hire, and develop talent to aid in the employment lifecycle. Personalized onboarding sessions are offered by request.


We prepare talented individuals to join the digital workforce by supplying candidates with resources from career advice and webinars to self-enrolled workshops and employment opportunities. Provide immediate value to employers by engaging with our program.

Talent Bridge Matching Engine

The Talent Bridge Matching Engine narrows the gap between employers and talent. We automate the connection at no cost. This unique platform matches candidate qualifications with the needs of employers, simplifying the hiring and job search. We serve over 180 countries, in 16 languages.

Communities we support

Cisco Partner employers

We help connect Cisco Partners to technology-savvy candidates to join their teams.

Cisco Networking Academy

We support students as they emerge from technical academic learning and begin their careers.

Refugee communities

We are assisting refugees in connecting with employment opportunities

Diverse communities

We are expanding our support of diverse communities to help power a more inclusive workforce.

Veterans and their families

We provide targeted technology training with employer-matching capabilities for veterans and their families.

Direct applicants

We connect candidates who apply to Cisco and are also interested in working in the Cisco Partner ecosystem.