Lifecycle Advantage

Better relationships, automatically

Digitally engage your customers throughout the lifecycle. Scale and maximize recurring revenue, automate processes, and uncover new opportunities to connect with your customers. That's Lifecycle Advantage.

What is Lifecycle Advantage?

Lifecycle Advantage is the leading customer experience management program for partners that leverages insights and automation to drive retention and growth. This digital engagement program bridges Cisco and partners to jointly orchestrate customers through important milestones, across the entire lifecycle. Together, we engage customers with the right message at the right time--whether that's assisting adoption, simplifying renewals, or upselling to higher-value solutions.

Partner success stories


Learn how Trustmarque is using Lifecycle Advantage and leading the way with their customer's adoption and lifecycle practices.

See how NTT France increased its ROI through automation with Lifecycle Advantage. (video 2:06)

See how KoçSistem is experiencing growth in renewals with Lifecycle Advantage (2:57)

Cisco and Logicalis work together to improve customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. (video 3:22)

See how Emircom is revolutionizing renewals through Lifecycle Advantage. (video 3:55)

Telenor Inpli credits growth rate to early Lifecycle Advantage adoption. (video 3:04)

A pioneer in digital transformation, CDW continues to innovate through Lifecycle Advantage. (video 2:56)

See how we help partners retain customers, scale, and increase recurring revenues. (video 2:35)