Assess and Evolve Customer Networks

Cisco SmartAdvisor provides a snapshot view into your customer's network. It's designed specifically to help you develop opportunities for new architectures, solutions, and services.

SmartAdvisor uses network discovery data to analyze the network's health as well as operational efficiency, video and IPv6 readiness, security vulnerabilities, and other important information.

Partners have numerous choices in network assessment tools, including those from Cisco and third-party vendors. Cisco strongly encourages partners to consider a tool that is integrated with Cisco SmartAdvisor, especially for baseline network assessments.

SmartAdvisor helps network assessment tools perform advanced analytics and reporting on the following:

  • Lifecycle milestones, security alerts, hardware and software vulnerabilities
  • Service coverage status
  • Multivendor device discovery and reporting
  • Architecture readiness for IPv6, Cisco Medianet, Cisco TrustSec, Cisco EnergyWise, and Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network
  • Product upgrade and migration recommendations

Smart Services

SmartAdvisor is part of Cisco Smart Services. SmartAdvisor is a vehicle that sends data collected from assessment tools (Netformx and Solarwinds only of now) to Cisco Smart Services.

Cisco Smart Services are the foundation for business continuity and infrastructure optimization for every Cisco customer. Smart Services create a proactive and personalized customer experience that delivers more value and differentiates Cisco.

How? By automating the collection of device, network, and operations information from our customers and turning it into actionable intelligence. Now your customers can proactively manage their infrastructure operation risks, accelerate problem resolution, and reduce operating expenses. This enhanced value is made possible through software-enabled capabilities, network and device diagnostic data, and Cisco's deep knowledge base.

For more information, see:

  1. Go to My Cisco and add the Smart Service Connection module, and then launch the Smart Services Connection application.
  2. Use one of these enablement tools to scan and collect network data:

        Netformx - DesignXPert, Discovery (PDF - 75 KB) Adobe PDF file
        RISC Network
        SolarWinds - NCM and NCM connector (PDF - 34 KB) Adobe PDF file
  3. Upload the collected data to the Smart Services Connection. Return to the Smart Services Connection SmartAdvisor section to review your transactions.

Additional resources:

Support for SmartAdvisor is available from Partner Helpline or via email to Cisco SmartAdvisor support.
Support for enablement tools is available from the vendor.

Cisco and its partners respect customer concerns about privacy and network security. Customers may be apprehensive about allowing an engineer to:

  • Use a network assessment tool to discover data from their network.
  • Subsequently upload data to Cisco for analysis

To address security concerns, Cisco recommends that all partners obtain an Authorization to Proceed agreement from their customers. In addition, partners should advise customers that data is not shared with third parties and used only for network analysis.

Addressing Customer Security Concerns Guide (PDF - 184 KB) Adobe PDF file