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Specialize to stand out in a crowded market

Competition is fierce. Show your customers that you know how to help them succeed. Get training to help you design, sell, install, and support key Cisco technologies. We constantly update our partner specializations to keep you up to speed.

Partner Specializations highlight the depth of expertise in a certain technology and are required for Partner Certifications. Requirements include Career Certifications and Account Manager training.

What’s new?

New Customer Experience Specialization

Get the right skill set to build and deliver services across your customers’ lifecycle and increase revenue opportunities.

New Express Specialization—Small-Midsize Business (SMB) Track

Our Express Specialization portfolio has a new SMB Track, designed to help partners meet the specific needs of their small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers.

Master Cloud Builder Specialization has a new name

The Master Cloud Builder Specialization has been renamed to Master Data Center and Hybrid Cloud Specialization.

When you specialize, you can…

Get recognized for your specialization in our Partner Locator

Use incentives and promotions to help you win business and boost your bottom line

Accelerate sales with your expert training

Decide a level


Take the first step to qualify for incentives and other benefits by earning an Express Specialization. When you complete at least one of the six Express tracks, you automatically get the Select Certification. With this level of certification, you gain access to discounts, rebates, and rewards.


Expand your business and better meet customer needs. Increase your profits by offering Cisco Professional Services and participate in our Value Incentive (VIP). And cross-sell solutions to get bigger deals.


Obtain a Master Specialization to reach the highest skill level. Support high-risk, complex projects. A certification is not required.

Achieve this specialization to become an expert in collaboration, security, service provider, data center, and cloud solutions. In addition to the benefits listed for the Express and Advanced specializations, Master Specialized partners get more incentive rewards and can use custom marketing campaigns. Create new chances to grow your business and make your company more profitable.

Which specialization fits your needs?

Cisco offers a range of options. Specialize to expand your business and become an expert in specific areas.

Express > Advanced > Master

Collaboration specializations

Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. Specialize in Cisco mobility, cloud, and video solutions. Help your customers empower people to engage and innovate—anywhere, on any device.

Data center specializations

Help your customers transform their data centers. Boost your profits by helping them use the latest cloud strategies.

Enterprise networks specializations

Our enterprise networking solutions help businesses innovate faster, simplify operations, and reduce risk. Specialize to help customers get the most from their networks and expand your market.

Security specializations

Security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes, everywhere. Grow your business by helping your customers grow theirs more securely.

Service provider specializations

Going digital creates opportunities for service providers to make and save money, move faster, and help ensure safety and security. Help your service provider customers find and capitalize on these opportunities.

Here’s how it works

Want to specialize in a Cisco technology? The first step is to become a Cisco partner.

Get ready…

Each specialization has specific requirements. These depend on how expert you want to become and what your area of interest is. You can review the requirements on the specific page for each specialization.

Get set…

After you’ve completed the training, take the exams required to reach your goal. Generally speaking, the higher the level, the more training required.


Apply and accept the terms of the program.

Apply for or renew a specialization

Don’t miss out—renew within the 90-day expiration window.
Apply now to specialize in a new area.