Digital marketing services that help partners deliver content and data to drive revenue.

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Engage your customers like never before

Partnerships go two ways. We’re in this together. To educate you. To enable you. To propel you to greatness.

Learn with Marketing Velocity

It’s your knowledge base. Discover best practices. Connect with experts. All so you can step up and stand out to customers.

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Engage through Partner Marketing Central

Partner Marketing Central is where you can manage funds, access digital services, and customize your campaigns.

Activate with PMC

See how you can access free and paid marketing activities through PMC.

Digital marketing isn’t new. It’s now.

Your customers use digital devices every day. Why aren’t you marketing to them that way? Get digital. Get going. And check out these stats.

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    Of B2B researchers start with a generic term

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    Searches are conducted before landing on a brand’s site

  • 62%

    Less cost per lead in nontraditional inbound marketing

How these partners engage

Does digital marketing work?

It does for ShoreGroup. Learn how it succeeds through the power of digital marketing.

Don’t just market. Educate.

Become a thought leader. World Wide Technology shares its approach to marketing.

Cartoons aren't just for kids.

VEM Sistemi uses animated storytelling to market complex solutions.

Campaigns and activities

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Generate demand

Partner Marketing Central offers free and paid activities to help you get your marketing started. Read our quick reference guide.

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Security? We have you covered.

Check out the Ransomware Defense campaign. We have the marketing creative and collateral to help you reach customers. Take some of the guesswork out of marketing and start.

Partner Marketing Central (PMC) training

Partner Marketing Central (PMC) training

Learn how to send effective emails, social media, content syndication, and more. Activate personalized digital marketing content and services with comprehensive video-on-demand training.