E-Procurement Project Manager's Guide - Ariba Punchout

The Cisco E-Procurement solution facilitates transaction between your organization, your E-Procurement system, and Cisco. Designed to enhance productivity and streamline the online procurement process, Cisco E-Procurement offers the opportunity for seamless integration. By implementing Cisco E-Procurement solution, your organization can:

  • Reduce order lead time

  • Eliminate dual entry

  • Maintain order integrity

  • Achieve real time order communication

  • Eliminate maintenance of CIF catalogs

Cisco understands the benefits the Ariba solution offers customers. Cisco is the first networking company to offer highly configurable products within the Ariba Buyer application. All transactions between the Ariba Buyer and Cisco are routed through the Ariba Commerce Services Network (ACSN). The ACSN authenticates the validity of the messages with the Ariba Buyer. The ACSN then authenticates with Cisco using digital certificates. Cisco obtains digital certificates from Verisign and installs them in the Cisco site. Traffic between Cisco and the ACSN uses strong industry standard encryption to protect data .

Project Commitment

Gaining management support for the project is an essential part of the planning process. The following activities are critical for success:

  • Provide business sponsor to ensure smooth implementation and roll out to user groups

  • Provide supplier punchout requirements during initial engagement

  • Secure dedicated IT/business resources for testing, implementation, and ongoing support
  • Establish metrics and goals to measure the success of the project
  • Your company must be able to order products directly from Cisco via the Web and have a signed Internet Commerce Agreement (ICA)

Project Schedule
This table provides a guideline based on customer's familiarity with the Cisco Ordering Tool and an existing implementation of the Ariba Buyer. Business process impacts are reviewed before testing and implementation to ensure a successful rollout. Customers may experience moderate modifications of the following timeline, depending on customer readiness and integration schedule.
Week 1-2 Business Process Review
  • Analyze requirements
  • Identify project teams
  • Understand business processes
Week 3-4 Testing on the ACSN
  • Complete testing on the ACSN
Week 5-6 Production Review
  • Production ready
  • Develop plan for user acceptance and usage
Resource Requirements
Below is an example of a project team used in previous implementations. Your team structure will vary based on the modules you select for implementation and your current business-to-business (B2B) infrastructure. A suggested development team should include resources experienced in XML messaging, your E-Procurement application, business ordering processes, and project management.

Companies currently using Ariba Buyer will need people with the following skill sets:

  • Ariba team project management

  • Ariba technical administration capabilities

  • Cisco Ordering Tool experience

Companies currently not on Ariba Buyer will need to contact Ariba for guidance.

Technical Requirements
  • Internet access for all users

  • Ariba Buyer 6.1 or later and subscription to the ACSN

  • Users should have Cisco user IDs and passwords

  • The Cisco E-Procurement solution supports the following browsers:

    • Linux and Unix (Solaris only): Netscpae 4.5 and higher only

    • Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT: Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1 and higher. Netscape 4.x (Netscape 6.0 is not supported)

Please contact Cisco Systems to review your specific environment

Cost Considerations
Participation in the Ariba Punchout solution, from a Cisco standpoint, requires little incremental investment for customers with online access. Integration costs with Ariba are to be determined between Ariba and your organization.

Cisco provides access to its Punchout site at no charge to its trading partners. However, partners are responsible for necessary software or hardware purchases and costs associated with assigning resources to the integration project and ongoing support.

For questions or assistance send email to: