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Cisco Licensing

Cisco Software Licensing

Easier to choose and manage

When it comes to Cisco, you have choice in how you purchase, consume and deploy software.

Get started with Smart Licensing

Cisco Smart Licensing is a flexible software licensing method that simplifies the way you activate and manage licenses across your organization. Manage your Smart Licenses through your Smart Account.

Changes ahead

We are delivering more visibility into your entitlements and more consistency across our portfolio and your experience.

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No registration required - connect your new devices with your subscription out of the box.

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Consistency across your software license agreements

Whether you are purchasing transactional subscriptions or through a Cisco Enterprise Agreement, we are adopting standards in how we term, tier, and meter software license usage.

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Most Cisco software is available in three tiers: Essentials, Advantage, and Premier, with incremental capabilities in each tier.


You can purchase subscriptions in monthly, one-, three-, five- and seven-year terms based on offer.


We measure software consumption in three main categories: user, device, and capacity.

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Predictable billing. Co-termed renewals. Growth flexibility.

Cisco Enterprise Agreement
Introduction to Licensing

Manage your entitlements

All in one place, in real time

View your product and service entitlements
Manage your licenses, devices, and subscriptions
Verify your users and permissions

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Troubleshoot common issues

Get started with easy to follow “How to” documents for common questions.

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Why Smart Licensing?

Become an expert

Learn how to help your customers manage their assets and entitlements with Smart Licensing.

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Provide choice

Cisco offers multiple buying programs like Enterprise and Managed Service Agreements, so you can choose what is right for your customer and your business.

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