90+ Days Ship Date - Place Order Support

If you place an order and you request that it be shipped greater than 90 days from the time it is placed:

  1. The order is put on hold.
  2. Cisco sends you e-mail requesting that you adjust your requested ship date to 90 days from order submission. You can adjust the ship date either via e-mail or by submitting a revised Purchase Order by FAX or by using the Change Order Tool.

Does this apply to all types of orders, regardless of how they are initiated?

Yes, it applies to all orders including those initiated by phone, FAX, email or the Ordering Tool.

Is it ever possible to request ship dates greater than 90 days in advance?

Cisco’s 90-day Booking policy means that requested ship dates greater than 90 days cannot be processed unless the request date is modified. If you have a special requirement to have an order shipped greater than 90 days from submission, please contact Cisco Customer Service before you place the order.