Cisco Refresh

Cisco Refresh - Public Sector

General information for State, Local and Education customers purchasing Cisco Refresh under Authorized Contracts.

Public Sector

When included in scope by specific terms and conditions under an authorized contract, remanufactured products are an excellent way to supplement new Cisco sales and meet Public Sector (PS) State, Local and Education (SLED) customers buying challenges, in cases where price, immediate need, or older generation product requirements cannot be met with new Cisco products. Authorized Cisco Resellers of PS SLED contracts that consider the sale of remanufactured equipment in scope can sell Cisco Refresh with the same confidence at more budget-friendly prices as new Cisco products, in a standalone solution or blended with new products.

AUTHORIZED Direct Contracts

The following PS SLED Cisco Direct contracts authorize the sale of remanufactured products:

Please refer to the contract website to locate an authorized reseller of the contract. If a contract is not listed above, then Cisco Refresh is NOT considered in scope of the direct contract and CANNOT be purchased accordingly.

Indirect Contracts (not a Cisco-held/prime contract)

Partners who hold a contract directly with the state must review the contract terms and conditions to assess if there is an EXPRESSLY STATED provision to sell remanufactured equipment. If there is an expressly stated provision to sell remanufactured equipment, then follow the same ordering process for direct contract.

If there is no expressly stated provision to sell remanufactured equipment, Partners are encouraged to explore other options with Public Sector customer's (i.e. town, cities, counties, schools, etc.) per their specific procurement rules and policies.


If your company is an authorized reseller on a PS SLED Cisco direct contract that allows the sale of Cisco Refresh and you are processing a quote/order with a customer, please review the following important information:

  • Remanufactured Identification: When quoting Cisco Refresh to customers, please clearly identify Cisco Refresh from any new Cisco products on your quote. Cisco also highly recommends you provide the Disclaimer Notification with your quote to provide your customer with further details about Cisco Refresh.
  • Available Inventory: Cisco Refresh products are subject to available inventory ONLY. Please check the availability of Cisco Refresh products here before submitting a quote or order. Cisco highly recommends you indicate on all Cisco Refresh quotes to customers that the quote is subject to available inventory and availability status may change during the time of quote submission to order placement.
  • Product Scope Restrictions: Cisco Refresh products authorized to be sold under the authorized contract is subject to the same scope terms and conditions. Product line exclusions per the terms and conditions of the contract will apply for Cisco Refresh products in the same manner as new Cisco products. For example, the WSCA New Jersey contract excludes the sale of video conferencing products and services. Therefore, any videoconferencing Cisco Refresh products are also excluded under the same terms and conditions.
  • Contract Pricing and Discounts: Cisco Refresh is subject to the same pricing and discount terms and conditions of the authorized contract. Please refer to the actual contract documents for specific terms and conditions. To obtain Cisco Refresh pricing, please refer to the Cisco Refresh Contract price list posted at the Contract Website. Easily access the contract website in the Authorized contracts section above.
  • Ordering Instructions: Obtain ordering instructions for Cisco Refresh here. Additional information on purchase option may be found here.
  • Contract Sales Report Process: When reporting Cisco Refresh on contract sales volume report, the only difference required is the addition of the word "REMAN" preceding the Product Description. All other reporting fields should be filled out normally as with a new Cisco Product order.

If you have any questions regarding Cisco Refresh, please contact us at any time.