Supplier Diversity

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Learn how Cisco supports the growth of diverse suppliers.

    Supplier diversity can be powerful. It opens new channels to access skills, provide resiliency, promote inclusiveness, broaden partnership opportunities, and offer abundant viewpoints that are needed to solve today’s complex challenges.

    At Cisco, we demonstrate our commitment to supplier diversity through our ongoing efforts to recruit and develop diverse businesses, and provide them with access to opportunities.

    Diverse businesses are defined as being at least 51 percent owned by a member of one of eight historically disadvantaged groups. These groups are identified by the U.S. government (see below) and headquartered in the United States. They are:   

    • Small businesses
    • Woman-owned businesses
    • Minority-owned businesses
    • Veteran-owned businesses
    • Service-disabled veteran-owned businesses
    • Businesses in Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) zones

    In addition to the above groups, inclusion of LGBT business enterprises is part of Cisco's Supplier Diversity efforts.

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    Register your diverse business in the Cisco Diverse Supplier Portal.

    Chuck Robbins, Chief Executive Officer

    Cisco’s commitment to diversity is a core part of our culture. As technology transforms every company, city, and country, and more people, places, and things become connected, it is more important than ever to consider and incorporate the many viewpoints and cultures from the places in which we do business.

    Cisco’s Supplier and Partner Diversity Program provides us with insight to better enable our business model and seize future opportunities by creating channels of social and economic opportunity with customers, partners, and suppliers. Our program represents an integrated and collaborative network that includes our direct and indirect supply chain, resellers, suppliers, and partners, all of whom offer a broad range of skills that the marketplace demands to stay competitive.

    Our Supplier and Partner Diversity program has proven to be a clear competitive advantage for Cisco, helping us drive innovation and collaboration. We are proud that this program enables us to incorporate the many diverse ideas and viewpoints that are critical to our success.

    Interested in doing business with Cisco?

    Register your diverse business in the Cisco Supplier Portal.

    When submitting your completed company profile, please provide specific details about your capabilities and differentiators under the Company Description section.

    Supplier diversity organizations

    Cisco recognizes the following diversity councils and agencies in support of certification, growth, and development of diverse suppliers.

    Cisco partners with a number of suppliers, many of whom are diverse businesses. Diversity among these suppliers is an important priority, but please keep in mind that registering does not necessarily:

    • Guarantee award of a contract
    • Classify your company as an approved or preferred supplier
    • Automatically qualify your company to be a part of any RFQs or RFPs

    Tier 2 participation and reporting

    The Cisco Supplier Diversity Program was created to make sure that a good faith effort is made to optimize contract opportunities for diverse suppliers that provide products and/or services to Cisco and our key suppliers.

    Tier 1 supplier diversity spend represents the direct relationship between Cisco and our diverse suppliers. 

    Tier 2 gives Cisco insight into the diversity efforts of our key suppliers. We encourage Cisco suppliers to support our efforts to drive our supplier diversity initiative by reporting their spend on products and services provided by underrepresented socioeconomic groups.