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A:  PEPD tool

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A:  PEPD tool

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A:  PEPD tool (Alternatively, inquiries should be directed to

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A:  Trade Tool (Enter the product's serial number)

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A:  Yes, Cisco's ERN is R104011.

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A:  Items eligible for export license exception ENC under paragraph 740.17b.1 may either be self-classified or formally reviewed by BIS. 740.17b.1 items which are self-classified, will have an ECCN of 5A002.A.1, indicate “SELFCLASS” in the CCATS field and “Unrestricted” in the encryption status of the PEPD tool.

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A:  For exports from the U.S., the following guidance applies:

Cisco does not provide copies of CCATS, other than to government agencies as needed for export/import approvals.

The Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department (HK TID) Cryptography Questionnaire form is generally required by HK TID to precisely determine the export classification of a product referenced in a HK TID license application.

Cisco proactively removes the requirement on the HK TID Cryptography Questionnaire for U.S. exports by supplying a U.S. Department of Commerce formal export classification directly to HK TID.
Said another way, once Cisco supplies the formal export classification (CCATS) for a particular Cisco product to HK TID, HK TID no longer has any need to obtain the completed Cryptography Questionnaire form for that particular Cisco product from ANY Cisco customer.

IMPORTANT: The following process pertains to the HK TID licensing process only.
The following process should not be used for the HK TID pre-classification process. Further, as the export classifications of Cisco products are available from the PEPD website (described below), following the guidance of HK TID, a pre-classification is not required for Cisco products.

HK TID Licensing Process for Cisco Products

The party submitting the license application to HK TID should include a snapshot from the Cisco Public Export Product Data site for ECCN & CCATS (

For Cisco products, forms are not required as Cisco product export classification information is posted on the URL referenced above.

  1. Print the Cisco Public Export Product Data (PEPD) page containing the ECCN & CCATS information for the Cisco product SKU in question.

  2. Highlight the Cisco product to be licensed on the page just printed.

  3. Submit the highlighted page just printed along with the HK TID license application.

If HK TID needs additional information regarding a Cisco product, HK TID will contact Cisco directly.

HK TID may be contacted at the following e-mail address:

Further queries related to HK TID requests or HK TID encryption questionnaires regarding Cisco products should be sent to

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After changes to the US EAR were published in the Federal Register on September 20, 2016, Cisco has completed a thorough review of its product lines to determine which items are eligible for re-classification under the new Operation Administration and Maintenance decontrol notes I and J to 5A002, and the corresponding software decontrol note under 5D002.c of the US EAR Commerce Control List. Items which meet the criteria of the OAM decontrol notes have been classified with a US ECCN of 5A991.c, or EAR99, accordingly, and the encryption strength of the items will remain as 128 in Cisco's PEPD tool (no other values will be assigned). Please note that not all countries recognize the Wassenaar OAM decontrol. For your convenience please refer to the ECCN Country Matrix to determine the equivalent ECCN of the country listed.