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Buy Authorized Cisco

Purchases from unauthorized resellers may lead to:

No support from Cisco

Cisco® products purchased from unauthorized resellers may not be automatically eligible for Cisco support.

No warranty from Cisco

Only new or refurbished Cisco products purchased from an authorized Cisco reseller benefit from Cisco warranty

No end-user license

Cisco products purchased from an unauthorized reseller may not have a valid software license.

Risks of buying from unauthorized resellers

Counterfeit Cisco products

Products that have not been manufactured by Cisco or with Cisco's consent

Counterfeit upgraded products

Cisco products that have been modified from a lower to a higher version without Cisco's consent and outside of Cisco's control

Diverted products

Products sold to different end users than the ones reported in Cisco's point-of-sale data

Gray (unauthorized) products

Genuine Cisco products that have not been purchased from Cisco authorized channel partners

Stolen products

Cisco products that have been stolen from original end users or the manufacturer and resold without consent

Old products

Products that may be at end of life or end of support

Cisco Brand Protection

Protecting your business and networks from counterfeit and unauthorized Cisco products.