Meet the Global Problem Solver: CareNX

Delivering life-saving fetal health monitoring in remote areas of India through mobile technology.

The problem: Inadequate medical care for pregnant women in remote communities

In remote areas of India—and in many developing countries around the world—access to necessary medical care is limited to those who can afford it.

For pregnant woman, this can mean minimal or no access to critical prenatal care, and often results in a heartbreaking outcome—stillborn deaths. The sobering reality:

  • 60% of these deaths can be prevented with proper care and education
  • The doctor to patient ratio is approximately 1/2000
  • The cost of and access to medical equipment and facilities is prohibitive

CareNX started in 2015 when its founders envisioned finding a solution by using mobile technology to bring life-saving prenatal care to the doorsteps of pregnant women. Their products, CareMother and Feton, are changing and saving lives.

CareNX envisions that every pregnant women receives personalized care for a healthier next generation. We aim to become the trusted health monitoring and care platform among pregnant women and care providers.

Shantanu Pathak, Co-Founder, CareNX

The solution: Safe births through mobile technology

CareMother is a platform for doorstep pregnancy care, which includes a portable health kit and mobile application that allows private hospitals and government health workers to visit expecting mothers at home and conduct “doorstep” checkups.

The information collected is uploaded to the cloud via smartphone so doctors can access it from anywhere in the world. This process identifies complications early-on, ensuring high-risk pregnancies receive life-saving medical advice.

CareNX’s latest development, Feton, is a portable, IoT-based monitoring system that enables fetal heart assessment anytime, anywhere. The team hopes Feton will continue to scale and increase the accessibility of fetal heart monitoring in India, with the plan to expand into other developing countries soon.

Devices like Feton have the ability to perform tests anytime, anywhere,and reduce operating cost and errors, the need for travel, and other barriers preventing expecting mothers from the care they need.

CareNX Innovations was the grand prize winner in the 2018 Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge, which recognizes entrepreneurs like Aditya and Shantanu, who are using technology to address a social or environmental problem.



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