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The Future of Conservation

Cisco is protecting endangered species across the world and using technology to help create resilient and protected ecosystems.

Creating a world where animals roam free

Connected Conservation has expanded into six conservancies in Northern Kenya, all dedicated to protecting endangered species and improving local communities. 

Our path


Building on the success of the pilot project that reduced rhino poaching in a South Africa reserve by 96 percent


Scaling the solution with the best of Cisco and NTT Ltd. resources and technology.


Embracing other endangered species and new geographies that need protection.


Fortune Magazine

NTT and Cisco have been recognized on Fortune's Change the World list for addressing one of the world’s biggest challenges.

An Eye on the Future

We’re dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to end endangered species poaching. 

Save This Rhino

A two-part documentary follows proactive efforts in South Africa to save the critically endangered rhinos.