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Case Study: Yamanashi Prefecture

Providing Wi-Fi ensures communication during disasters

Yamanashi Prefecture uses Cisco wireless LAN solutions for its free public wireless LAN environment to provide communication for residents in the event of a disaster, and free Wi-Fi hotspots for tourists.



  • Ensuring communication channels for prefectural residents and tourists in the event of disasters
  • Providing free Wi-Fi service to government agencies


  • Free Wi-Fi coverage over 43 locations in the prefecture
  • Convenient, free Wi-Fi service that has broad signal coverage, high performance, and is easy to use
  • Use of these Wi-Fi services for educational purposes at schools is anticipated

What they’re saying

In the event of disasters, ensuring a means of communication for prefectural residents and tourists was an issue. Following the completion of the construction of the base for this development project, we anticipate that this free Wi-Fi will also be used during ordinary times for tourism and for educational purposes at educational facilities.

Yukiko Irikura, Deputy Director of the Yamanashi Prefecture General Affairs Department, Information Policy Division

Who is Yamanashi Prefecture?

Industry: Government
Location: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Population: 829,800+ / 333,200+ households