Watkins Glen Central School District

Watkins Glen

On-The-Go Access to Homework and More

Company: Watkins Glen Central School District

Industry: Education

Location: New York, United States

Company Size: 1150 students and 125 staff

At Watkins Glen Central School District, bus rides between home and school can take up to 40 minutes each way, with sports events and field trips extending travel time to two hours and more. To make sure no students were disadvantaged due to where they lived or what they were participating in, the school wanted to:


  • Help ensure students could use the transportation time productively
  • Extend its digital campus beyond the classroom
  • Set the foundation for students to be college- and career-ready

The Solution


  • Helping ensure equal access to education for all
  • Improving student safety and wellbeing
  • Making better use of time and learning opportunities
Cisco is helping to close the digital divide and ensure students aren't disadvantaged.
- Tom Phillips,
Superintendent, Watkins Glen Central School District