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Imaging technician views screen with radiology

Live radiology diagnostics reduce patient anxiety

vRad, a leading radiology practice and teleradiology company, uses Cisco technology to allow remote care team members to coordinate patient diagnoses more effectively. Quicker diagnoses reduces patient anxiety while still allowing hospitals affordable access to experts.


Doctor in lab coat speaks with patient via video conferencing


  • Allow diverse and remote care team members to coordinate diagnoses more effectively
  • Enable patients to communicate with experts, privately and in real time
Physicians working in a hospital


Doctors and technicians reviewing radiology slides with a computer in the foreground


  • Quicker diagnoses eliminate unnecessary patient anxiety
  • Hospitals have affordable access to eminent specialists
  • Efficient operational processes are more accessible with speedier appointments
A doctor speaks on the phone with a patient

What they’re saying

"Video collaboration keeps different care team members in real-time contact, while coordinating their approach to individual cases."

Patrick Williamson, Director of Information Technology, vRad
Physician reviews patients chart on computer with patient in the background

Who is vRad?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: United States
Company Size: 650 employees