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Case Study: University of Granada

An educational transformation at the University of Granada

The University of Granada, established in the 16th century, supports 80,000 students, along with professors, researchers, and visitors from across the globe. Cisco solutions help ensure that the school's critical network stays ahead of demand.



  • Difficulty in integrating the university's five campuses in Granada and two campuses in Africa into one consolidated network
  • Trouble connecting students to virtual classrooms and educational resources inside and outside the university's network
  • Needed a network that allows researchers to compile and process massive amounts of data, and share with colleagues around the world


  • Now provides a services-oriented, connected campus network, with DevOps and network security teams who work together
  • Single virtual "connected campus"
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi expands the virtual campus
  • Private cloud capabilities, including cloud storage and sharing, HPC and centralized databases
  • Security for 33,000 physical endpoints and 300,000 wireless devices
  • Unified management infrastructure

What they're saying

One thing I’ve noticed is that Cisco is always ahead of the curve. Whenever we think up a new way to use our network infrastructure, Cisco has already deployed a similar solution and written a white paper about it.

Antonio Ruiz Moya, CTO, University of Granada

Who is the University of Granada?

Industry: Education
Location: Granada, Spain
Size: 80,000 students, 5,000 faculty and staff
Website: ugr.es/en/