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Case Study: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Building a better network at UAM

It is no small feat to build a better network with automation while keeping more than 38,000 students and staff connected. With help from Cisco DNA Center, the five-person IT team at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) is automating operations, reducing incident response times, and taking a more proactive approach to security.



  • Modernize outdated IT infrastructure.
  • Automate operations and improve network performance.
  • Support 38,000 students and staff with a five-person IT team.



  • Centralized, scalable network management.
  • Ability to quickly diagnose and respond to complex network issues.
  • Improved network security and user experience.

What they're saying

Automation and security go hand in hand with our new solution. The old way, working switch by switch, is no longer feasible, as the network has grown in size. Manual security becomes time--consuming and, ultimately, an insecure approach. Automation is not a choice--it's a security necessity.

Marival Guerrero, Network Operation Manager, UAM