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Case Study: Telekom Srbija

Driving success with innovation and automation

More than ever before, telecommunications companies must increase agility to support new services. As complexity and business demands increased at Telekom Srbija, fulfilling requests for new infrastructure often took days or even weeks. The company needed a way to fulfill requests faster without adding head count to operations and networking teams.



  • Simplify IT operations with automation
  • Accelerate delivery times while reducing costs
  • Scale out easily to accommodate growth


  • Telekom Srbija has positioned itself for a new age of communications and can now offer infrastructure and platform as a service (PaaS) for nearly any application need.
  • Requests for complex network environments can be fulfilled in 30 minutes or less.
  • Teams can start projects sooner and deliver faster so engineers can focus on more strategic tasks.

What they’re saying

We can deploy a virtual data center for a tenant in 20 minutes by automating 56 manual tasks.

Velibor Kokanovic, Director of IT Operations, Telekom Srbija

Who is Telekom Srbija?

Industry: Telecommunications
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Company size: 13,000 employees

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