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Case Study: SugarCreek's Brand-Worthy Food Solutions

SugarCreek secures 24/7 food manufacturing

SugarCreek, an innovative food manufacturer, helps some of the industry's largest and best­-known companies develop brand-worthy food solutions. Cisco's integrated security solution, with foundational Firepower 2100 next-generation firewalls, protects SugarCreek's 24/7 food manufacturing lines and data centers at six facilities across four midwestern states.



  • Upgrade security posture from zone-based stateful firewall.
  • Provide a single console for centralized policy management and visibility into everything and everyone accessing the network.
  • Enable network segmentation to isolate each vendor's manufacturing equipment.


  • 18 Cisco Firepower 2110 NGFWs (high-availability pairs) with Firepower Threat Defense
  • 2 Firepower Management Centers (high availability)
  • Next-generation intrusion prevention, AMP for Networks subscriptions
  • AMP for Endpoints
  • Umbrella
  • AnyConnect VPN
  • Identity Services Engine (ISE)


  • Improved security posture across the board with Cisco integrated security architecture.
  • Reduced day-to-day security management tasks (such as provisioning new equipment) with centralized Firepower Management Center.
  • Gained complete visibility into the network. As a result, the IT team can monitor all activity and potential threats, and can focus on actual alerts and not correlating alerts across disconnected devices.

Securing operations with fewer resources

The best part about the Firepower system is it allows us to do a lot more--manage new equipment with the same resources as we've had before. Firepower allows us to do more with less.

Todd Pugh, IT Director, SugarCreek

Who is SugarCreek?

Industry: Diversified food manufacturer

Location: Washington Court House, Ohio

Size: 2,000 employees

Website: www.sugarcreek.com