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Case Study: St. Vrain Valley School District

Connect students and devices for blended learning

St. Vrain Valley School District has built an Innovation Center that encourages imaginative projects, such as virtual reality, drones, app development, and robotics. Wireless devices play an important role helping students personalize learning at their own pace and direction. To enable a secure, intuitive wireless experience, St. Vrain deployed the Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour across the entire district.



  • Ensuring a network that was ready for any student to connect via any device and be ready to learn
  • Enable secure, intuitive wireless experience


  • Teachers can share content and apps with their students in an efficient, and dependable manner
  • APIs help administrators save time
  • Reduced asset loss and saved time looking for missing laptops and tablets

What they’re saying

When the youngest, brightest most inquisitive minds are paired with experienced and passionate educators, and partners that are equally dedicated to their futures like Cisco, together we can make an amazing future.

Joe McBreen, Chief Technology Officer, St. Vrain Valley Schools

Who is St. Vrain Valley School District?

Industry: Education
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Company size: 32,000 students across 55 schools